Satisfactory update 5 has a rampload of new cosmetics and construction parts

If you, like me, know that a well-arranged and aesthetically pleasing manufacturing facility is a gorgeous factory, then I have a handle for you. As we’ve regarded for a few weeks now, Satisfactory update 5 is on the way, and in addition to some map reworks it will strike with a bunch of superb new beauty, structural, and foundation items for factory-creating. 

As the trailer higher than shows off, Satisfactory is heading to have all maner of new pillars, railings, fences, roofing, beams, walkways, and frames. First off, you can be in a position to plop railings on to ramps—a much-requested function amongst the factory setting up elite. New, smaller pillars will go properly in three varieties, and metal beams can be applied as structural things. And what will you use beams and pillars for? You can use them to maintain up new common, steel, and glass roof factors. No far more applying flooring as roofs.